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Re: Color question

R. Kyle Justice (rkj@dukebar.crml.uab.edu) writes:
> I have a filled contour plot that I would like to
> display with a color bar.  Everything looks fine
> on the screen but when I try to print, the colors
> on the bar are no longer correct.  They appear
> washed out(dithered?).  The contour colors, however,
> appear correct.  If I look at the file with
> ghostscript, everything looks fine.
> I am generating the color bar with TV.  It seems
> that the printer is treating a plot and an image
> differently.

Be sure you set BITS_PER_PIXEL to 8 on your
device command. There are only 4 bits per pixel
saved for image pixel by default. Enough for
only 16 colors.


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