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Re: Object epiphany: A new way of building widget applications

Ben Tupper (pemaquidriver@tidewater.net) writes:

> Object-based GUIs are worthy of a serious look by anyone who needs GUIs
> but hates to (re)write them.  And while your at it, there is no point in
> reinventing the wheel, try MGS_GUIobject.

While we are on the subject of naming conventions, the
problem with this name is that is has "object" in it,
not that it is too long because of the pre-pended initials.

I should think MSG_GUIThingy would have attracted more
converts immediately. :-)



P.S. Let's just say the next person who says "objects
are easy" is going to be fined by the IDL Expert Programmers
Association for releasing our deepest held secrets! 

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