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Re: Function BYTSCL

Steffen Kernchen (steffen.kernchen@student.uni-magdeburg.de) writes:

> *g*   no, it is a condition for a given exercise.
> itīs for my first program, iīve to write for a new lecture at my
> university.
> so the answer for my question should be quite simple. just 3 or 4 lines...
> do you have an idea?

No. Not really. :-)

This seems like a strange course. "Contrast" is a visual
property. It pertains to how something is *displayed*,
which always involves bytes sooner or later.

If you want to do something to improve contrast to an
array, I suppose you can multiply the array by some
non-linear spreading function, then "normalize" it
into the range 0 to 255, if you prefer not to use the
term "byte scale". (I guess something like
this is done with histogram equalization, come to think
of it.) Perhaps we should just wait for JD to provide
the HISTOGRAM solution. (He isn't the guest lecturer,
is he?)



P.S. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not taking an IDL
programming class. :-(

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