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Re: Function BYTSCL

> Of course you can do by hand something similar what bytscl does:
> lets say your array is 'a'
> minA=min(a,MAX=maxA)
> a=a-minA
> a=byte(float(a)/maxA*255)
> (2nd line is 'optional')

when I use the 2nd line, then there is no picture displayed!
if I donīt write this line I see a pic, that is only brighter. There is no
more contrast.  :(

> but why you should not use bytarr?
> Only point I can guess is that you have 8bit color and dont want to
> use all colors?

no, itīs an exercise, so that we learn, what BYTSCL does.

I 've a pic and I read it with READ_BMP to get an array. that array I have
to transform to get a better contrast.
but unfortunately without using BYTSCL...  :(