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Re: Function BYTSCL

Jaco van Gorkom (j.c.van.gorkom@fz-juelich.de) writes:

> Be sure to drop by, David. I'll take you out for
> some German beers.  And I have got this colour flashing
> problem, by the way :-)

I'm trying to put on a sober countenance for my son,
who came to Germany last August and immediately fell
under the pernicious influence of the dark side and
their wicked (but delicious) ways. The drinking age
in the US is 21, but I'm afraid that is going to be
a hard genie to get back in the bottle (literally). :-(

And, truth be told, I think I'm way too old and
out of shape to keep up. 

But we could talk about that color flashing problem
over tea, if you like. :-)



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