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Re: Error on shutdown of widget !@$%

Sean Heukels wrote:
> How do I get rid off, or catch this error ??
> When I shutdown my widget program by clciking exit, in my menubar, I can
> reset colors, structures, the whole thing.
> But when I click the Top-right-cross (Windows) And top-left=box on Unix,
> which shutsdown the current process, I get an error by widget_event,
> that this one ('named by number') is not defined.
> I wish to clean up the variables that I clean on pushing exit in the same
> way and dont want 2 create errors.
> How can this be done ??
> Thnks Sean

Another posibilty instead of KILL_NOTIFY described by Marc 
is to supress this feature.

This is done by the keyword TLB_FRAME_ATTR to widget_base()

Value	Meaning
1	Base cannot be resized, minimized, or maximized.
2	Suppress display of system menu.
4	Suppress title bar. 
8	Base cannot be closed.
16	Base cannot be moved.



Reimar Bauer 

Institut fuer Stratosphaerische Chemie (ICG-1)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
email: R.Bauer@fz-juelich.de
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