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Re: MAKE_ARRAY question

Ben Tupper wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> The above should get you the correct type of array (Double type is 5
> while Float type is 4.)

True, but if double = 3 (in which case the keyword is also considered "set") the type
would be wrong (a string array!).

I don't know why users would do double = 3 in the call, but, in my experience at least,
I've seen 'em do stranger things..... (me included of course - probably the worst offender
actually :o).

> I don't know if you can get into trouble with
> simply passing the DOUBLE keyword along.  It works on this MAC (a float
> is returned if DOUBLE = 0).

Works on my linux box too. I just want the behaviour blessed via some RSI documentation.
Without that, I'm assuming it's pure luck.



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