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Re: Fill in a logic image: possible in IDL ?

To explain what Iím trying to do about a FILL in a logic image, I give an
example (see the Computer Tomography lung image in
http://www.ci.uc.pt/pessoal/jsilva/idl_fill.jpg )
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
Jose Silva
Physics Dep., FCTUC, Portugal

In article <3AD969AE.1A198238@physics.unige.ch>, Ivan Zimine says...
>Jose Silva wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have a grayscale image (512 x 512 x 1 byte from medical TAC).
>> I applied a threshold to have a logic mask and tried to do a fill in that
>> mask
>> in order to remove some background. Most of languages have a fill command,
>> like FILL in draw programs that FILLs the image starting in X,Y (user
>> defined)
>> coordenations.
>> I search throw IDL commands and I never found any FILL command (or identical
>> command).
>> As most of languages (eg MATLAB and many others) have a FILL (BWFILL in
>> MATLAB, as morphologic operation), did I miss the FILL in IDL or there isn?t
>> any FILL in IDL?
>IDL> ?search2d