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Re: something like perl's 'require 5.4'

Vapuser wrote:
> Hi all.
>   I'm looking for something that check the version of the current IDL
>   session against an input version, like perl's 'require 5.4'
>   semantics and I *thought* I saw someone mention using something very
>   much like this.
>   Does anyone know of such a thing or was I just hallucinating?

It's ugly:

v=byte(!VERSION.RELEASE) & v=v[where(v ge 48 and v le 57)]

if v lt 5.4 then message, "IDL v5.4 required"

This is to get around release names like '5.3.2a' or some such.  I you
are sure you just want 5.4 you can of course do the much cleaner

if !VERSION.RELEASE eq '5.4' ...