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Re: Duplicate module names. Was: Object epiphany: ...

Kristian Kjaer wrote:
> JD Smith wrote:
> > I think it only fair to let people know that I tend to shy away from
> > distributed code with people's initials in the name....
> Fancy that!
> I was playing with the thought of posting a request: Would all those
> generous providers of public IDL code please edit all their code so that
> no module names are duplicated from one library to the next ...
> Anyway, thanks for all the code!
> Kristian Kjær, Risø Natl. Laboratory, Denmark

Please don't confuse my comment with advocating the choice of generic or
otherwise undistinguished names for distributed routines.  You *must*
pick good, unique names for routines you hope people will use.  The
shadow scanning utilities in IDLWAVE are an excellent way to explore
this issue (IDLWAVE->Routine Info->Routine Shadows).  Here are some
examples of overlaps:

   - JHU         [C--] ~/idl/jhu/datatype.pro
   - NasaLib     [C--] ~/idl/nasa/pro/misc/datatype.pro

So, both NASA and John's Hopkins libraries define datatype().  They both
do the same thing -- return the data type of a passed variable, with a
variety of possible formats.  Further clues are found if you look in the
DOC header of the NASA routine:

;       Original Version: R. Sterner, JHU/APL, 24 October 1985.
;       Major rewrite, add /TNAME keyword, unsigned and 64 bit datatypes
;       W. Landsman   August 1999

Hmmm.. OK, so they have the same pedigree.  In this case they are
calling sequence and result compatible, no name change is warranted.

What about this one:

   - JHU         [C--] ~/idl/jhu/factor.pro
   - NasaLib     [C--] ~/idl/nasa/pro/jhuapl/factor.pro

Another of the same routine, in two libraries.  In fact everything in
Nasa's jhuapl directory shadows a JHU routine (not surprisingly).  Ugly,
but not fatal.

And here's another:

   - JHU         [C--] ~/idl/jhu/sunpos.pro
   - NasaLib     [C--] ~/idl/nasa/pro/astro/sunpos.pro

Uh oh, in this case they aren't compatible at all.  They do similar
things (calculate, surprisingly, the sun's position), but have different
syntaxes and return values: one in altitude/azimuth, the other in right

The problem is that people developing libraries don't want to keep
remembering to type sunpos_radec, say, instead of sunpos.  For code in a
library, though, keeping the namespace clean is vital.   I advocate
using up this necessary extra discriminating text in the routine name
with additional information about what the routine does, rather than
author info.  But in reality, both ways serve to avoid namespace

Certainly, the distributed routine "JDS_calculate" is better than the
routine "calculate" for this purpose, but better yet (in my estimation)
would be "calculate_fried_food_calories" or some other more descriptive
moniker.  The way I think about it, if what your routine does cannot be
substantially differentiated from pre-existing (or not-yet-existing)
code by describing its function, then maybe you should just use the
other code in the first place ;)

Maybe I'll install all the libraries I can find, do a global shadow
listing, and post it somewhere for all to see.