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James Kuyper wrote:

> Ben Tupper wrote:
> ...
> > IDL's TRIGRID routine interpolates out to the limits of the 'outer-hull'
> > defined by the Delaunay triangulation.  The curviness of the data swath
> > (almost banana-shaped) has introduced a subtle concavity.  There is a triangle
> This data set sounds familiar to me. Is it MODIS data from the Terra
> satellite? If so, then I'm the one responsible for the program that
> generates the geolocation information Liam's using. In that case, it's
> not really a banana shape. Seen in a proper 3-D context, without map
> distortion, it's actually a bow-tie shape - the edges are actually arcs
> of what in spherical geometry are called "small" circles: they have

> radii of less than 90 degrees, bending inward.

Aha!  A hyper-banana!


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