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Re: 2 variables on same plot?

Martin Schultz wrote:
> Can't see anything wrong with your code (except for using () instead
> of [] for array indexing). The procedure below does what it should, I
> think. Try a statement like
> print, min(prate(0:90),max=mm),mm
> to see what your data range is really like.
> In the future: please post code examples that work by cut&paste - th
> eeasier it is for people to try out your code, the more likely will
> you get an answer.
> Cheers,
> Martin

thanks. I'll make sure the code I post will actually work in the future. 
It turns out it did work as written (and I had deleted the print max
statement statement). However, I had to leave idl and come back in
I'm not quite sure why but I guess I should always try that first.

Cathy S.