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Re: motion detection and tracking

I can think of two approaches.

you could write a DLM that when called would return the image.  This assumes
that your student is fluent in C or has the desire to be.  Depending on the
platform you may be able to find some open-source webcam software that would
at least provide some guidance.

you could also try a more eccentric route.  New in IDL 5.4 is the SOCKET
procedure that is supported on Unix and windows.  You could set the webcam
up thru a web server so it serves up images on request (there are many
packages that do this, free ones for linux/unix and probably free or cheap
packages for windows.)  Then from within IDL use the socket procedure to
connect to the HTTP socket and request the image.  It probably is slightly
more complicated than that but it should work.

-Rick Towler

"Luis Pizarro Q" <lpizarro@labsc.inf.utfsm.cl> wrote in message
> Hi, I have a student project about motion detection and tracking with a
> webcam.  Our problem is how to get images-frames from webcam through a USB
> port.  Does somebody knows how I can to do that using IDL ??
> Sincerely,
> --
> Luis Pizarro Q.
> Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
> Valparaiso - Chile