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Re: Where to put (unix) DLMs?

Rob.Preece@msfc.nasa.gov (Rob Preece) writes:
> > Another thought is to have a separate "site" DLM directory.  That
> > requires the user to set their IDL_DLM_PATH environment variable
> > before running IDL.  This works, unless users are in heterogeneous
> > environment (ie, like my lab's), in which case they won't know *which*
> > directory to set it to ahead of time.  Sadly, the IDL system variable
> > !DLM_PATH cannot be set at runtime, so there is no way to discover it
> > on the fly.
> Too true, perhaps it's worth a note to RSI to put in a change request? 

I think RSI is responding.  I understand that the next version of IDL
will have a feature to make this easier.  Now all that is needed for
everybody to upgrade to IDL 5.5 immediately, right?  :-)


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