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cyclone tracking routine available

hi all!

after being the recipient of much help on this newsgroup over
the years, i thought i'd try to return the favor by offering a
few IDL routines i've written that might be of interest to the
atmospheric scientists out there.  they're described on my
IDL web page:


in particular, i thought the function CYCLONE_TRACKS might
be useful.  it's an implementation of the Serreze (1995)
and Serreze et al. (1997) cyclone detection and tracking
algorithm, and is located in the "Atmospheric Sciences"
section of the above page.  comments, bug reports, etc. are
all very welcome.

i also wrote this funny little routine ALL_VARS_TO_STRUCT
which dumps all defined variables at the calling level into
a structure, so you can port it around more conveniently (it
kinda then is a common block alternative).  the function probably
can be programmed in a much more elegant way, but i don't know
how to do objects.

hope these routines prove helpful!


Johnny Lin
CIRES, University of Colorado
Work Phone:  (303) 735-1636
Web:  http://cires.colorado.edu/~johnny/