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Re: IDL interpreter questions - can someone (D.Fanning) explain -TIA

Ken Mankoff wrote:

> The really wierd part, is that i could swear I once tracked down and fixed
> a bug with a return... i'll have to see if i can remember what and where
> that was, and figure out what the *real* bug was...
> -k.
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> Ken Mankoff
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> http://lasp.colorado.edu/~mankoff/

Hi Ken,

  don't get too upset, though! :-)

  If you do a "help, t" on the previous example you'll get:
  T               INT       =        0
  (i.e. no error in the call, I presume) 
  Only after you add a "return, something" will the value of 
  t be properly set.


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