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Re: Checkbox Starting Checked

Mark Guagenti (guagenti@foodsci.purdue.edu) writes:

> I am having some problems finding out how to use checkboxes in IDL.  I
> am looking for a way to have a
> checkbox start (when the widget it realized) checked.  I thought there
> would be some value that I would
> have to set with Widget_Control but I don't see what that value is.  Am
> I just missing it?  

I think you are missing it. :-)

   nonexclusiveBaseID = Widget_Base(/column)
   button1 = Widget_Button(nonexclusiveBaseID, Value='Dogs')
   button2 = Widget_Button(nonexclusiveBaseID, Value='Coyotes')
   Widget_Control, button2, /Set_Button



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