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Re: read Nexrad level 3 data

Joem (isojoern@linkline.com) writes:
> i want to use NEXRAD level 3 data - composite reflectivity
> with idl/envi
> any hints?
> are there maybe translators to some standard formats?

I naively spent an enormous amount of time writing
a NEXRAD level 3 reader/browser for an underfunded
client who assured me that "tons of other people
will want this software, so you can recoup your
investment". You are the first person to ask
about it. :-)

I can give you this hint: the documentation of the
data format is abysmal! This may be true of many
packed data formats from other satellites, and for
all I know all the NASA and NOAA guys have to fight
their way through this kind of morass every day, but  
this was an ...interesting... experience for me and 
a LOT of hard work.

In any case, I have some IDL software that will 
read the Radar Reflectivity (REF), Vertically
Integrated Liquid (VIL), Digital Precipitation
Array (DPA), and Composite Reflectivity (CRF) data
from the NEXRAD files. But I'm afraid it is for sale,
at least until the pain of it lessens more than
it has so far. :-(

Best Regards,


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