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Re: using SPAWN to work with Windows NT network directories

differentiable@hotmail.com (Lucas Miller) writes:

> i'm trying to use spawn to create a directory on our Windows network
> server.
> i can do this locally with the following commands:
>  IDL> cd, 'c:\temp'
>  IDL> spawn, 'md mydirname'
> will make a directory 'c:\temp\mydirname'.  When I try this across the
> network
> however, eg.,
>  IDL> cd, '\\Devsrvr\Users\me\'
>  IDL> spawn, 'md mydirname'

I've left my DOS experience way in the past, but I do remember that
"cd c:\temp" didn't necessarily put you on the C: drive, (or devsrvr,
or whatever).  You may be making a mydirname directory somewhere else?

Can you specify the full path explicitly?

spawn, 'md \\Devsrvr\Users\me\mydirname'


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