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Cannot read top level base window


I am trying to add "Save As.." feature into the IDL 5.0 program.
I need to capture the whole top level base widget window for saving it
into a file. This window contains several graphics windows inside.  The
problem is that I don't know how to get window ID for this base. In the
program I do:

widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_size=result
tlb_xsize = result[0]
tlb_ysize = result[1]
widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_offset=result1
tlb_xoffs = result1[0]
tlb_yoffs = result1[1]

;Above  works fine and gives me offset and size of the base window.


; Now trying TVRD I am getting error as it reads one of the graphics
windows inside the base window.

What should I add to make it read the window I need?

Thank you in advance,

Leonid Syrkin.