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Re: contour with logarithmic axis

Hilmar GUDMUNDSSON GL D21 2-4093 (hilmar@vaw.baug.ethz.ch) writes:

> I'm having problems with contour using a logarithmic x axis.  When
> I contour the data using
>       CONTOUR, matrix, x,y, xrange = [xmin, xmax], yrange = [ymin,
> ymax], $
>         xtitle = x_t, ytitle = y_t,  max_value = 1000., level = levels,
> xtype=1
> the contour lines only appear on a part of the plot. Depending on the
> exact values of xmin and xmax, the fraction of the plotting area that is
> contoured changes in an erratic fashion. I can used alog10(matrix) and
> alog10(x),  which produces a plot which is OK but I would rather like to
> stick to having the x axis logarithmic if possible.
> Has someone else run into this problem? Any solutions?

You are running into IDL's very persistent aesthetic
sensibilities about what constitutes "nice-looking" 
axes. You have to hit it upside of the head. Try
setting the XSTYLE  and YSTYLE keywords to 1. :-)


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