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Re: Mapping question...

The keyword you want is 'cartogram' ...

As a starting point, try to get hold of Danny Dorling's little book "Area
Cartograms: Their Use and Creation", number 59 in the Concepts and
Techniques in Modern Geography series (CATMOG) ISBN 1872464092, published
by teh Institute of British Geographers and available from Ms Rosie
Cullington, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia,
Norwich NR4 7TJ UK at a price of 10 pounds sterling.  Rosie's Email is
r.callington@uea.ac.uk and I'm sure she'd be pleased to give you further


On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Guillaume Dargaud wrote:

> For lack of a better place, I'll ask it here even though it is not IDL
> specific (but I will probably implement it in IDL).
> I need to make maps of the world in a special way (I don't even know what
> this is called, so if anybody can provide me with a keyword...)
> Say you have a quantity of rain per sq degrees and you want to enlarge the
> surface area of places where it rains a lot and shrink the surface area of
> dry places... You end up with a tiny sahara, but large tropical zones...
> How would you go to do something like that...?
> I have seen it done before, but don't know what this kind of mapping is
> called.
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