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Re: IDLgrWindow Pickdata on an IDLexObjView Obect.

"Don J Lindler" <lindler@rockit.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote in message
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the correct 3-D position
> using the Pickdata method for an IDLgrWindow object which is displaying an
> IDLexObjView.  Pickdata correctly finds the objects but returns incorrect
> x,y,z values.  I am trying to modify xplot3d.pro to return the x,y, and z
> coordinates of a IDLgrPolyline displayed using Orbs for each datapoint.
> Thanks,
> Don Lindler

Thanks for the input.  It convinced me to keep looking for the problem.  It
turns out that the routine XPLOT3D.PRO uses the following line to add the
model to the view.

    Oview2 -> setproperty, subject = Omodel

which appears to be the same as:

    Oview2 -> add, Omodel, /alias

When I replaced the line with simply:

    Oview2 -> add, Omodel

Pickdata worked fine.

Don Lindler