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Re: Graphics Card/GL

Ok, this is a good starting point, but I got the main question.

After installing the nvidia drivers as Rick pointed,  we should have the
following status:

Mesa is disabled to all programs (I suppose there was a Mesa in the Linux
NVidia OpenGl drivers should be seen by all programs. This worked for me
since Quake3 and some Mesa demos got acceleration.

The problem is IDL has his own Mesa drivers in somewhere its sub-dirs. IDL
doesn't worry if your system has Mesa, NVidia or whatelse drivers as it uses
his own. But I tried to make some soft links to point to the general drivers
and all I got was a broken idlde.

So if someone has the stone's path to overcome this problem we are waiting.
Maybe Research Systems could help as they know how IDL-Mesa works.

That's all. Cheers.

Júlio Maranhão

"Rick Towler" <rtowler@u.washington.edu> wrote in message
> go to http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=linux
> you can pick up the driver components and the installation instructions
> there.
> -Rick Towler