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object graphics !p.multi equivalent

Hi all -- first I'd like to say THANKS!  You all have been an
excellent help to a lowly undergrad trying to write some cool code. 
With the help of David's XPlot routine I have my first object graphics
program working well (bet you didn't know you'd be aiding an
investigation of Jovian trapped particle radiation when you wrote that
did you David?... not so suprising though, its utilitarian code:  lots
of applications.)  Now for time series plots. I'd like to be able to
do a variable number of them per page (I used to do this with !p.multi
and they came out real pretty).  Can anyone point me to some source
code or an illustrative example?

My regards -- Luke

PS.  David you'll definately be thanked and acknowledged in my thesis
and software documentation, as will all the authors of Open Source
software that I use.  Hey!  How's the object graphics book coming
along?  I'd buy one.