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sizing cw_field or aligning fsc_field

Hello all,

I am trying to build a GUI with several text input boxes arranged in a column, 
with the labels above the text box.  I'd like all of the boxes to be the same 
size, regardless of the length of the label above it.  I was also hoping to be 
lazy and only write one line to define each box (I have a bunch of them).  In 
other words, I know I can do it like this:
                widget_label(base, value='Box 1')
                widget_text(base, xsize=5, ysize=1)

but I was hoping for something like this:
                cw_field(base, title='Box 1', xsize=5, ysize=1, /column)

but when I use that, the size of the box is tied to the length of the title, 
no matter what I set xsize to.  I also tried using David Fannings fsc_field
                fsc_field(base, title='Box 1', xsize=5, ysize=1, /column)

which does size the box correctly (and *looks* editable, a distinct improvement 
over cw_field...) but it centers the box under the label.  Is there a way to 
left align the box under the label?  (I tried setting base_align_left in the 
base widget definition, as well as setting the label_left flag, but neither 

Or, is there a way to get cw_field to let me choose the box size?

thank you,