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Object graphics color scattergram

In IDL object graphics, how does one do a scatter plot where 
the points are colored by some set of values?  Here is an 
example using direct graphics:

seedx		= !pi
seedy		= !pi ^ 2
x		= BYTSCL(RANDOMU(seedx, 100, GAMMA=1))/255.0
y		= BYTSCL(RANDOMN(seedy, 100, GAMMA=1))/255.0
z		= BYTE( x * 255 )

I have tried IDLgrPlot with and w/o IDLgrSymbol, and also 
IDLgrPolyline.  Lines can be colored, even faded from one 
vertex to the next.  But if the lines are omitted then no 
points are drawn, and if IDLgrSymbol is used then they are 
all the same color.

Plus, I need this to be in 24 bit color rather than PSEUDO=8.

Thanks in advance,


Jeffrey.R.Hall@jpl.nasa.gov (818)354-4249
Member Technical Staff, Science Data Processing Systems, Section 388
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA 91109, Mail Stop 168-415