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Re: New book: "Practical IDL Programming"

Liam.Gumley@ssec.wisc.edu writes:

> I am pleased to announce that my book "Practical IDL Programming" will be
> published by Morgan Kaufmann on July 6, 2001. 

Congratulations, Liam! 

I remember well the first release of my book. I was
exhausted from working 20 hour days for weeks on
end, sick of reading the damn thing, depressed from
the accusative stares of my loved ones, and exhilarated
at having seen the thing through. Mostly, I was glad
the whole ordeal was over, although in retrospect I
realize now that it is never over, the typos just go
on and on... :-)

My point is that it takes a hell of a lot of work
to write a book and anyone who has a go at it should
be commended. Anyone who actually finishes a book
should be lionized. (And, need I even mention it,
read from cover to cover.) I look forward to seeing
this book and doing just that.

Thank you for your excellent service to the IDL
community through this newsgroup and, now, with
this book. We all greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,


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