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Re: filled closed curve

Jochen Weller wrote:
> Hello
> I am relatively new to IDL and have the following question.
> I have a data file which contains the x and y coordinate of a closed
> curve. I would like to shade the area inside the curve with a different
> color.
> Does anybody know how to do this ?

Is this what you are looking for...

;; Color 0=black, 1=gray, 2=white
 tvlct, [0,130,255], [0,130,255], [0,130,255]
 !p.background=2  ;; white background
 contour, dist(30), levels=[10, 20, 30]
 contour, dist(30), levels=[0,20,30], c_color=[1,0], /over, /fill 

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