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> From: Brian Koss
> Newsgroups: comp.lang.idl-pvwave
> Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 11:05 AM

Hi Brian

I can't answer your question, but please don't be offended if I give you a
few tips about newsgroup etiquette, with reference to your post:

1. Your posting was formatted in HTML. Plain text is preferred. Some people
don't have HTML-capable clients.

2. Your message was marked as "High Priority" in my client. You may think
so, others may not see it that way :-)

3. Binary attachments are generally frowned on, though in this case probably

4. If you *are* going to attach an image, *please* try to keep the size
down. I reduced your 647 KB PGM image to 21.4 KB of PNG

But don't worry, comp.lang.idl-pvwave is not one of those groups where
inadvertent violations of Netiquette will draw flames or worse. It's an
interesting question and I'm sure there will be some interesting answers.

Mark Hadfield
m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz  http://katipo.niwa.cri.nz/~hadfield
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research

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