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Re: VARRAY, memory & extracting subarrays

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> VARRAY is a pretty extreme measure for your needs.  

Not to mention that it's too much for my very small brain ...

> 1. Can you increase your swap space?
> 2. Have you checked your process limits (ie, "limit" or "ulimit"
>    command before running IDL)?

We've tried our best with these.  We're working with HP-UX's, and there
isn't really a resident expert around.  The swap space and process
limits both seem to be very big numbers.

> 3. Big problem is that you say "sector_images = images", which deletes
>    the old mapping of sector_images.  You can do this instead:
>        sector_images(*,*,*) = images   ; or even better,
>        sector_images(0,0,0) = images   ; which is faster but sneaky

I *knew* it'd be something simple like that - thanks!  (And thanks for
being up so late!)


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