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Re: Repost of Vertex question...

Craig Markwardt, craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu writes:

> Cool ideas!
    Quasicrystals are cool things.  Back when I were a
nipper looking at options for a thesis project they were one
of the things that persuaded me that Solid state physics
could compete with Astronomy when it came to beauty,
mathmatical elegance and real-world physics wrapped up in
one image.

    I was musing over the weekend on ways to automatically
detect the vertex types, but without seeing Brian's image
(some net-nanny seems to have auto-removed it before it got
to our newsservers) I don't know what sort of quasicrystal
he's dealing with.  Something like a Penrose tiling, with
only a pair of polygonal units, would be pretty simple, but
more complex quasicrystals would make it a bit too involved,
and it's easier to just point at the screen.

    Of course, the hardcore quasicrystallographer will use
MPFIT to find the higher-dimensional regular lattice of
which the quasicrystal is the two-dimensional projection.
I'll leave this as an exercise for the reader :-P.