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Re: Inverting colourtable


You can use the TVLCT procedure to get and then set the colors...

IDL> tvlct, r,g,b, /get
IDL> help, r,g,b
R               BYTE      = Array[256]
G               BYTE      = Array[256]
B               BYTE      = Array[256]
IDL> tvlct, reverse(r), reverse(g), reverse(b)


Simon de Vet wrote:
> I've been printing a lot of filled contour maps using the B&W colour
> table (CT#0). This was great when I had mostly white or light grey
> values, but lately I've been in the black, and this seriously eats up
> the toner.
> Is there an quick and easy way to reverse the colours in a colourtable?
> -- Simon

Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
180 McKown Point Rd.
W. Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575