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Re: Opacity Translucency Transparency

David's example is a good place to start.

When using alpha blending the key word is order.  Your atoms must be ordered
from back to front in your models and your models ordered back to front in
your view.  Also, not as obvious, the order the polygons that comprise your
atoms are draw matter sometimes too.

I posted a question regarding the latter a few weeks back and got a great
response from Karl Schultz.  It may still be on your news server or you can
search deja.com for "+towler +pimento"

Good luck!

-Rick Towler

"Mark Chan" <chanm@cadvision.com> wrote in message
> New to this subject matter.
> Can someone point me to examples of the subject matter or the use of IDL
> their representation?
> Is there a good text book or technical publication giving a comprehensive
> review of the subject matter, especially examples on the use of IDL to
> achieve data visualization on the subject matter?
> Thanks,
> MC