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Re: OPLOT fails intermittently, any ideas?

In article <3B54747B.A6F1C983@fz-juelich.de>, Reimar Bauer <r.bauer@fz-juelich.de> writes:
>Hope I can give some hints
>max_value is a double but will be interpreted as float.

That is correct, but doesn't address the problem.  The typical data values are
far, far below the value specified for max_value.  Unless you are postulating
that a conversion from double to single will change the value by several orders
of magnitude, this isn't the reason.

Typical Y data values to be plotted are between 1000. and 50000.

No, this is something subtler (or more obvious, depending on one's view).

Btw, the not-enough-data error occurred twice more yesterday.  We thought it
was related to a gap in our data, but in these last two errors there was no
gap, so that theory is shot down.  The IDL code in each of the last errors read
in over 900 data points.  The same code reads in another 900 data points an
hour later and plots them without error, though.  Really strange!

Lawrence Bleau
University of Maryland
Physics Dept., Space Physics Group