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Re: Plotting a 3D Array In IDL

K. Banerjee writes:
> Say I have a 3D array whose elements are only 1 or 0. I'd like to plot
> this array, say a white dot for the 1's and a red dot for the 0's. Is there
> a way I can do this in IDL?
> (I'm fairly new to IDL and thre's probably a straight forward
> way to do this!)

In my experience when a new user asks a 
question for which he expects a straight-forward
response, there is about a one in ten chance
one exists. I'm afraid you are not that lucky. :-(

There are ways to do this in IDL alright. But
none (I don't think) that can be explained
adequately in a newsgroup article. Perhaps one
of the brethren with time on his hands could
code up an example. Preferably one using tiny
spheres as the points. :-)

How many points did you say this array had?



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