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Re: End of Array - like - End Of File

"Emmler, Oliver" wrote:
> Hi all,
> i have a directory with different numbers of files. I read the filenames by
> text = FINDFILE('H:/radiologie/*.dcm')
> in my testdirectory there are 14 files so it's defined when to stop
>  FOR i=0,14 DO file[*,*,i] = READ_DICOM(text[i])
> How can i get the size of the array TEXT to stop by FOR i=0,stop DO ...
> Is there something like EOA (EndOfArray) like EOF ?

How about:

  n_files = N_ELEMENTS( text )
  FOR i=0,n_files-1 DO file[*,*,i] = READ_DICOM(text[i])



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