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Re: Using C++ DLM's With IDL?

Nigel Wade <nmw@ion.le.ac.uk> wrote:
> K. Banerjee wrote:

>> I need to call some outside code from IDL. I created a 
>> shared object file, using a C++ compiler (g++). When I call
>> a function from the DLM from the IDL command prompt, I get
>> the error:
>> Symbol not found: cerr
>> (There are other symbols not found.)
>> Is it possible to use C++ shared objects for DLM's ?
>> (I have to use some classes for my routine.)
>> Thanks.
>> K. Banerjee

> You don't say what platform you are using, but I'll hazzard a guess that 
> it's Linux.

> Did you use g++ to link the DLM? It's generally a wise thing to use the 
> same tool to create a shared object as you use to compile the source.

> You could try linking the DLM with g++, or adding the the relevent c++ 
> library to the link command - cerr is in one of the libraries called 
> /usr/lib/libstdc++..., the particular one depends on what version of g++ 
> and libc you are using.

Yes, I am using g++ on Linux. Do you know off hand how to link
with a shared object library? (libstdc++... is a shared object).


K. Banerjee