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Re: polar contour plots

hi Ann,

the coarseness of the grid should only affect the smoothness of the
contours, i would think.  what does your program look like?  are you
trying to do a polar (as in not-cartesian) plot, or a polar (an in 
polar stereographic map projection) plot?  if the former, you'll may 
want to look at David Fanning's page on the polar plots in general:


if the latter, you should be able to get what you want with a call 
to MAP_SET (with the appropriate map projection specifications)
followed by CONTOUR.


Johnny Lin
CIRES, University of Colorado
Work Phone:  (303) 735-1636
Web:  http://cires.colorado.edu/~johnny/

ahw199@soton.ac.uk (Ann Webber) wrote in message
> I am a relatively new user of IDL and I am trying to make a ploar
> plot. I have written a programme which does exactly that but does not
> give me the expected pattern. I only have data for every 10 degrees
> around the circle, could this be my problem? i.e. do I need data for
> every degree around the plot for the contours to be accurate?
> thanks
> Ann Webber