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Setting colors for Plotting to PRINTER

I'm having all sorts of trouble sending plots to
printers (and print file formats like WMF and PS).
I'm running from WIN32 platforms.

I usually have 24-bit color displays, and can
set plot colors quite readily on the desktop.
(i.e.  PLOT,myData,COLOR=r+g*256L+b*256*256L)
Where r,g,b are red, green, blue from 0..255

The problem is that when I change the plot device...

The color table (!D.NCOLORS) seems to go
to like 256 (as i recall), and I seem to be unable
to set color indices for plotting.

(I'm at home... we have no news at work... so this is from

Shouldn;t I be able to do something like:


To print out a plot in red?
If so...  I'll try again.
If not...  what do I do to make color
plots to Printer, or print file formats?
Print files from the SET_PLOT command, like 'PS',
 and 'META'  (i think thats the keyword for
windoze meta file)
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