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rsiidl module V0.01 released (interface with RSI's IDL programs)

This is to announce the first release of a simple python module to
interface with Reseach Systems's IDL programs.  (IDL is their
visualisation program and has nothing to do with CORBA IDL etc.)

This first version allows only cooperation with the idlrpc server and
only allows setting variables and executing commands in the server.
(That is all I needed so far.)

You will need IDL, NumPy and swig installed to build the module.

Find this (and hopefully later versions) on my WWW page on the

The software is under the same copyright as python (I hope that I
manged to copy the text fully and sufficicently).  I would like to
hear of any improvements you make or bugs you find.


Holger D"urer / Universit"at Bremen, FB 3 / Postfach 330 440 / D - 28334 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 218-2867 | Fax.: +49 421 218-3404 | <H.Duerer@ZAIT.Uni-Bremen.DE>
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<P><A HREF="http://starship.python.net/crew/holly/";>rsiidl module
0.01</A> - Python interface to Reseach Systems's visualization program
called IDL.  (23-Apr-99)

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