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routine_info for builtin stuff.


Yesterday I learned about ROUTINE_INFO which is incredible useful
to find out about the arguments of procedures and functions without
having to look into the file.

Now I am looking for a way to get the same information about builtin
routines without having to look into hyperhelp.  Hyperhelp is OK when
you want to know all the details about a function, but I find slow and
clumsy when I just have forgotten the names of available keywords.

Obviously (?) this cannot be done with ROUTINE_INFO, because it
unfortunately does not allow the /SYSTEM keyword together with
/PARAMETERS keyword.  This is too bad and would be a good topic for an
extension request.  Anyone at RSI reading this?

If there is no function to get this information, how can I get a table 
of all builtin routines with their arguments in machine-readable form?
I have looked at the hyper-help files, but they are binary, so the
info cannot be extracted from them (at least I cannot...)

Help is appreciated.

- Carsten

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