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Re: call_external won't release dll

  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:
> Don Green (dsfds@dsjhf.dfjk.jp) writes:
> > ...My problem is I haven't been
> > able to figure out how to get IDL to release
> > the dll after a run so that my compiler can write
> > a new version when I go back and make changes to the dll.
> > I end up being forced to close the IDL development
> > environment to get it to release after a call to
> > call_external....
> No, I'm afraid there is nothing to be done but to
> exit IDL each time. Sorry. :-(

OK, so this a little silly, but here goes... A few months back, David Kastrup
discovered, to his delight, that if you use "/" instead of "\" in your DLL's
path-spec, IDL will reload the DLL *each time* it's called.  Trouble is, you
can only get away with this about 50 times in an IDL session.  I mean of
course that David was delighted to discover how to fix the problem of his
DLL's stopping working after about 50 calls, and I don't think that he was
impressed enough with this behaviour to explore it for a moment longer, e.g.,
to check things like whether IDL was using the latest instance it had just
loaded or some previous one.

So if you *really* can't stand restarting your IDL session each time you
update your DLL you might give this a try, for what it's worth.  (There might
be all kinds of other problems with it, what with several instances of the
DLL knocking around.)  Also this was some time back and might have been IDL

Peter Mason

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