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Re: array subscripts

> Martin Schultz (mgs@io.harvard.edu) writes:
> > PPS: And while we are at it... One of the most useful tips I got from
> > David's book (so far) was the A[n:*] syntax to extract ranges from n to
> > end. I am really grateful for this!

David Fanning wrote:
> I've been using this for so long I can't really remember
> where I learned it, but I suspect it was from Ray Sterner's
> unpublished (so far) IDL manuscript. He has dozens of
> useful subscripting tips like this. :-)

Perhaps you read the IDL manual? The book 'Building IDL Applications'
has a chapter about 'Array Subscripts' with a section about 'Subscript
Ranges'. ;-)

By the way, the book is online:
See page 62.

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