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Re: Request for comparisons of IDL and Matlab

Last week I wrote in message <6tptdg$n5l$1@nntp.Stanford.EDU>...

>I have just started working at a laboratory with some expertise in Matlab and
>none in IDL or PV-WAVE.  I have been an IDL user for a decade and am
>trying to decide whether I should make the effort to get the scientists and
>programmers to think about using IDL.  I would especially appreciate any
>input from people who have used the latest versions of both programming
>Some of the features we will need:
>  - ability to run on OpenVMS Alpha, Windows NT, possibly Unix
>  - easy to develop GUIs
>  - a robust set of mathematical and image processing tools
>  - good performance

I got two responses from people who had used both environments and were
clear that, although both languages could do what we need, Matlab was
easier to use and had more tools and better support.

Do any users of IDL feel otherwise?

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