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Re: IDL 5.2 reviews?

Gwyn Fireman (fireman@magictrick.gsfc.nasa.gov) writes:

> Now that IDL 5.2 has been offically announced, I'm being asked if we
> should upgrade.  I have what RSI sent, and the press release - where
> can I get more information?

I will say this about IDL 5.2 (whether I am suppose to
or not): if you work for NASA and you don't get this
upgrade you must be working in the backwaters and are
about to lose your funding. If this upgrade is not named
the "NASA upgrade" internally, then it ought to be. I can't
imagine a group of people better suited to using its new
functionality. Consider just file formats for a moment: TIFF++,
GeoTIFF, PNG, HDF+, HDF-EOS. That list, along with unsigned
integers, has to have NASA types drooling. :-)



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