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IDL 5.2 Reviews

Heh ok.  

	Welp, I'm almost impressed with the GUI builder.  It at least gives you
an idea of the layout if you don't have alot of experience with widget's

	Last I've played with it, I had some difficulties getting the design
and the ultimate widget to look exactly alike, but it's definately a
good step.

	However, I think the greatest addition is the new data types (for me at
least).  16-bit unsigned integer, 32-bit unsigned long
integer, 64-bit long integer, and 64-bit unsigned long integer. 
Invaluable to me anyway.

	Other than that, I extensively use the ActiveX plugin stuff, and I'm
hoping a few bugs have been fixed for 5.2.  (But.. it may not happen, oh

	Personally... the next huge release to me will be multi-processor

	Returning fingers to crossed.


	Matt Sheats
	Los Alamos National Laboratory