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Re: IDL 5.2: Can't read HDF files any more ...

In article <36b96b3a.7659023@news.tu-graz.ac.at>, harald@iwf.tu-graz.ac.at
(Harald Jeszenszky) wrote:

>I've  recently upgraded to IDL 5.2 on my NT machine and now I can't
>read my HDF files any more (which works perfectly well under IDL
>5.1.1). The HDF files contains image data stored in scientific data
>sets (SDS).  Every time I try to read the SDS,  I get the following
>error message:
>%HDF_SD_GETDATA: Unsupported or unknown HDF data type (16406).
>The same error message appears if I use the HDF_BROWSER program.
>Does anybody know about this bug/behaviour?

RSI switched from HDF 4.0x to 4.1r2 in the release of 5.2. We ran into a
few problems with the HDF formats written by other programs and read by
IDL. In our case, once everyone was using the same HDF libraries
everything worked again. When we had different version of the libraries,
neither IDL nor non-IDL programs could read the files correctly.

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