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Re: Bug/feature in matrix multiply

>   I agree (somewhat). Generally, I found that IDL is quite "smart" in
> removing trailing dimensions so that one doesn't have to worry too much
> about them. 

When is this "feature" actually useful?  I'm sure I use it in some
form but I can't think of it.

>    Anyway: you can always make sure you get what you want with
>    a = transpose(reform(a))
> These statements are not very costly in terms of execution time, because 
> it's only messing around with the array descriptor (at least I believe
> so).

Could you be more specific about what this statement is supposed to
do?  It will give a 1xN array, not a Nx1 array which is what I wanted
originally.  If you do a second transpose it drops the trailing
dimension again.

On the subject of speed, try it with out with 10M elements.  I
think it's altering more than a single descriptor.

Mark Fardal