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Re: Building sharable object libraries for CALL_EXTERNAL

I don't think this is true.  Functions like IDL_MakeStruct(),
IDL_ImportArray() and IDL_ImportNamedArray(),
are handy for building IDL variables with memory you allocate.

However, the following code will most likely not produce the desired
results.  Reading the External Development Guide is a recommended first
step, especially the chapter on IDL Internals: Variables.

> output=(float **)malloc(4*n);
>  for(i=0;i<n;i++) output[i]=(float*)malloc(4*x*y);


> I thought it was a no-no to allocate memory inside of an external
> routine, that is to be passed back to IDL. The Advanced Developer's
> Guide has always stated that all memory must be allocated prior to
> calling the routine. Is that not always the case?
> Even if you get this to compile, I would be very wary of the results.
> Dave
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